Rollashield Outdoor Window Screens

A unique modern window shade solution, Rollashield Outdoor Window Blinds are specifically designed for the Australian market. They will reduce your energy bills and enable you to balance shade and visibility in style, at an affordable cost. With a huge range of external fabrics available, architects, designers and home owners can dress almost any type of window or door, with preferred tones or colours in a full or partial block.

This new product is Australian made using aluminium and stainless steel componentry to create a durable and reliable system. It is designed to be long-lasting, with the fabric protected from fading when retracted, and with few plastic components. A minimalist design means that the screens are barely noticeable when retracted. For the first time screens can be directly fitted on awning windows, and can also be specified with two blinds in one head box.

The Rollashield Outdoor Window Blind is an energy efficient shading system keeping window glass cooler, thereby reducing heat radiation from the glass to inside the house. It also protects curtains, carpet and furnishings from UV damage and fading, as well as the window.