Keeping Your Home Safe This Christmas

Time for a holiday, anyone? After a long and tough year of being stuck inside, many of us will be spending the Christmas period outside the nest. A common stress factor while on holiday is whether or not your house remains safe in your absence, and with 200,000 home invasions per year in Australia, it is a justifiable concern. From quick fixes to long term security investments, here are some tips that ensure you can relax worry-free while celebrating the silly season.

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters add a premium level of security to your home, and with a 5-year warranty, you can rest assured that your protection will last. A difficult deterrent for thieves looking for a fragile entry point, a locked roller shutter is extremely hard to get through and is designed to be opened one way only.

Not only do Rollashield premium roller shutters present an immediate and visible deterrent for potential invaders, the lightweight insulation properties also provide noise reduction and temperature control – perfect for the long Christmas periods away with the air conditioner switched off.

Social Media

While it is tempting to post on social media and let your friends know how much fun you are having, consider saving the holiday snaps for when you are back home. Regardless of how private you think you are online; home invasion becomes that much easier when there is online confirmation of your empty house.

Give Your Garden a Spruce

Take a quick inventory of your garden shed and backyard. How many items can you see that are potential objects to break a window or door? Keep these under lock and key and give the lawn a mow while you’re at it! A tidy garden is a strong indicator of recent home activity, and leaving an unruly garden gives thieves easy places to hide away from neighbours and home camera systems.

Turn Off Garage Doors

We all know it’s important to turn off, unplug and de-activate our appliances before cramming our luggage into the car and heading off. Something you may have forgotten, however, is to turn off the power to your garage door system if possible. Disconnecting your closed garage door will ensure it cannot be opened by a universal controller and will altogether be harder to force open physically.

By doing your due diligence, you can say bon voyage to your worries this holiday season.

For more information on our range of Roller Shutters, click here:


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