20% off selected Luxaflex Window Coverings

Luxaflex Window Coverings

20% OFF

The Luxaflex® New Year Sale is now on! We invite you to save hundreds of dollars with 20% off a large range of Luxaflex Window Coverings.

You can also enjoy 20% off our exclusive Evo Awnings, Folding Arm Awnings (including Sunrain® Awnings, Ventura Awnings, Ventura Terrace Awnings, Como Awnings, Garda Awnings, Nisse Awnings, Nordic Series Awnings), Duette® Architella® Shades, Duette® Shades, Silhouette® Shadings, Modern Roman Shades, Roller Blinds, Lumi Shade®, PolySatin® Shutters, Wood Essence Blinds

Come in to discover the many other features of these unique shutters.

Now is the time to take advantage of this great offer and update the look and feel of your home. But you’d better be quick, the New Year Sale is only on from Friday 4th June- Monday 26th July 2021.