EVO MagnaTrack Awnings by Luxaflex®

Looking for a straight drop external blind that keeps the sun, rain and wind at bay? Well look no further. The Luxaflex MagnaTrack straight drop awning is the most innovative external blind on the market. Its advanced technology means is can handle our diverse weather conditions. How you ask? The secret is the use of Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets within the side channels. These magnets hold the fabric in place ensuring a flat finish with unparalleled strength allowing it to be left down in windy conditions. Its unique patented design also has a Self-Correcting system, which means the fabric skin effortlessly returns into the channel should it ever become dislodged – minimising the extra time and labour required to go onsite for a service call.

Finally an external blind that can be left down all year around, even on those windy days.


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